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Two eM&Ai members publish article about the implications of divestiture research on acquisitions

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Oleksandra Kochura, eM&Ai project team member, together with Nicola Mirc, eM&Ai founding member, and Denis Lacoste, TBS Business School, France, recently published the article “From a dyadic to a triadic perspective: Divestiture research implications for understanding pre- and post-acquisition processes” in the European Management Journal.

By adopting a seller perspective, they explore cross-fertilization areas, and identify important complementary and challenging insights that divesture research can bring to acquisition research.

Hereby they propose two ways in which a divestiture perspective invites rethinking:

  1. Actors - stressing the need to consider triadic (divester–target–acquirer) rather than dyadic configurations (target–acquirer)

  2. Process and time - by enlarging the temporal horizon of acquisition by the divestiture process, which precedes but also sometimes endures beyond the acquisition period.

Find the article here.

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