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Research - our approach




eM&Ai members are engaged scholars studying M&As for decades.

We have accumulated a significant research experience on the topic.

We share our experience and knowledge regularly with researchers and practitioners.

EM&AI members thrive to develop M&A research through theory-building and empirical studies.

Our research and expertise span all steps of M&A processes and cover a broad range of key topics.

Research topics and areas of expertise

Pre-deal steps

From M&A decision-making to due diligence and negotiation

Acquisition target identification & selection

Due diligence and target evaluation

Third parties’ involvement in M&A


Post-deal integration management​


Identity and cultural dynamics in M&A

Actors perceptions and emotions in M&A

Middle management involvement in M&A



Different integration approaches for different objectives

Cooperation dynamics and networks in M&A 

Knowledge transfer and co-innovation in M&A



Evaluating M&A performance

Organizational challenges in synergy creation

Learning to acquire and to integrate

Corporate Renewal 

Restructuring and divesting businesses / managing alliances and partnerships

Corporate restructuring

Managing divestitures

Managing alliances

Pièces Face 3D

Annual M&A survey

Collect Data

With our annual M&A survey sent to European companies with M&A activities, we collect highly original panel data on M&A deals in Europe. 


Circulate Knowledge

We produce science-based and relevant data for M&A scholars and practioners through press, academic publication, corporate events, and directly to the companies who participate to our survey.

Analyze Data


Our team of experts combines various analytical skills to produce number of indicators and tendancies to monitor M&A activities over time. 

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