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Corporate Renewal 

Corporate restructuring

On going research projects

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Managing divestitures

Managing alliances

Corporate Renewal 

Corporate restructuring

Key topics in this area studied by eM&Ai members:

Managing Divestitures

Managing Alliances

Featured research


Run Away or Stick Together? The Impact of Organization-Specific Adverse Events on Alliance Partner Defection

Bruyaka O., Philippe D., Castañer X., 2018. Academy of Management Review, 43 (3) pp. 445-469. 

Who drives corporate restructuring ? Co-existing owners in French firms

Kavadis N., Castañer X., 2015. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 23 (5) pp. 417-433. 

Governance mode vs. governance fit: Performance implications of make-or-ally choices for product innovation in the worldwide aircraft industry, 1942-2000

Castañer X., Mulotte L., Garrette B., Dussauge P., 2014 Strategic Management Journal, 35 (9) pp. 1386-1397


Horizontal Alliances as an Alternative to Autonomous Production: Product Expansion Mode Choice in the Worldwide Aircraft Industry 1945-2000

Garrette B., Castañer X., Dussauge P., 2009/08. Strategic Management Journal, 30 (8) pp. 885-894.

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