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Post-deal integration management​

Key topics in this area studied by eM&Ai members:


  • Identity and cultural dynamics in post-acquisition integration

  • Actors perceptions and emotions in M&A

  • Middle management involvement in acquisition strategy  implementation

  • Key people and employee retention

  • Acquisition brokers

  • ...

Key topics in this area studied by eM&Ai members:


  • Different integration approaches for different objectives

  • Cooperation dynamics and networks in M&A 

  • Knowledge transfer and co-innovation in M&A

  • Synergy realization

  • Routine combination and dynamics

  • ...


Key topics in this area studied by eM&Ai members:

  • Evaluating M&A performance

  • Synergy realization

  • Serial acquirers and acquisition learning 

  • ...

Featured research

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Deadly sins and corporate acquisitions
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