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Pre-deal steps

From M&A decision-making to due diligence and negotiation

Key topics in this area studied by eM&Ai members:

  • Acquisition target identification & selection

  • Due diligence and target evaluation

  • Financial analysts roles in valuation processes

  • Third parties’ involvement in M&A

  • ...


Featured research


Implementing Acquirers' Synergistic Intent: Cost Reduction, Revenue Enhancement and Bilateral Interactions with the Target

Castañer X., Karim S., 2013 pp. 75-108 dans Perrault E. (eds.) Mergers and Acquisitions: Practices, Performance and Perspectives, Nova publishers.

M&A Advisors’ preferences, beliefs and constraints in target assessments: a conceptual framework and agenda for future research, Santana Corchuelo, D., EURAM, 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

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