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Timo Paumen and David Kroon publish a paper about M&A teams working towards deal completion

Our affiliates Timo Paumen and David Kroon with Svetlana Khapova recently published a paper about the role of M&A teams during the acquisition process. The article “Consequences of M&A team composition for deal outcomes: An inductive study” examines the role allocation and skill sets that favour successful deal completion. In a nutshell, via a team-centric view, based on 30 interviews with M&A professionals, the authors explore how M&A team compositions shape M&A deal outcomes. They discover that M&A team roles profoundly impact the execution and completion of the respective deal concerning M&A learning and shaping the skills on an individual level. They also highlight the impact of the deadlines and projects co-occurring with M&A on how the team organizes deals. Here you can learn more about this exciting research project.

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