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Ana Sniazhana Sniazhko’s new publication on uncertainty management in M&A

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Ana Sniazhana Sniazhko  European M&A Institute eM&Ai #europeanMAinstitute #eMAi
Ana Sniazhana Sniazhko

eM&Ai affiliate member Sniazhana Diduc Sniazhko recently published the article Integration team members' approaches to uncertainty management in M&A” in the European Management Journal.

In an in-depth qualitative case study, she explores how integration team members deal with uncertainties in post-acquisition integration, specifically how they manage tensions that require different and conflicting approaches.

She finds that the balancing approach emerged as a new method to face uncertainty. Moreover, the study illustrates that the choice among various uncertainty management methods and their approaches is a dynamic process, in which integration team members from both buying and acquired firms are actively involved. And her research also identifies that integration team members use collaboration as the way to address tensions in uncertainty management.

Find the article here.

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