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Shedding some light on a triad in international acquisitions & integration-autonomy balance

Helene Loe Colman, Audrey Rouzies and Randi Lunnan explore subsidiary-building acquisitions, a complex process involving a triad of actors: the MNC, existing subsidiary, and target.

Through a qualitative study of a Norwegian target acquired by a French MNC with an existing Norwegian subsidiary, they identify tensions between autonomy and integration in local and cross-border integration processes, fueling headquarters–subsidiary relationships and subsidiary cohesion.

For instance, their research revealed two distinct integration processes: local integration between the newly acquired units and the existing Norwegian subsidiary and cross-border integration between the newly acquired units and the French headquarters. Despite tensions between integration and autonomy at local and cross-border levels, the data also showed the emergence of social integration.

Their findings provide novel insights into the complexities of international acquisitions and bridge the M&A and MNC literature. Take your time and find in-depth insights and the complete paper in the Journal of International Business Studies.

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