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Post-acquisition employee engagement practices implemented by serial acquirers

Cultivating post-acquisition employee engagement is essential. Our affiliate members Muriel Durand, Mark Thomas and Gregory Hansen illustrate it via the case example of Danaher - a serial acquirer and globally diversified conglomerate.

Danaher's post-acquisition integration strategy addresses six critical elements of the business organization. These are cultural integration, training and employee development, leadership engagement, standardization, process improvement, and performance metrics.

By highlighting the benefits of cultural integration, training and leadership engagement as essential parts of the postdeal integration process, the authors also criticize some aspects of the employed acquisition strategy of the conglomerate. For instance, the method of cultural integration that involves formatting runs the risk of creating a cultural uniformity where staff members feel obligated to conform their managerial abilities and work practices to those of the parent company. This can affect the level of innovation within the company. Then, Danaher claims to prioritize employee welfare but also needs to meet the expectations of its shareholders. However, this can create confusion among employees, and a heavy emphasis on productivity and shareholder returns may result in burnout. The full text of this research appeared in Strategic HR Review.

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