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Lars Schweizer publishes meta-analysis about M&A capabilities

eM&Ai affiliate member Lars Schweizer, together with Le Wang, Eva Koscher and Björn Michaelis, recently published the article titled “Experiential learning, M&A performance, and post-acquisition integration strategy: A meta-analysis” in Long Range Planning.

In the article, the authors explore the antecedents and performance implications of M&A capabilities. Hereby, they consolidate research on the relationship between different learning mechanisms, post-acquisition integration strategies, and M&A performance.

Using meta-analytical techniques, they show that the capability-building mechanism relying on deliberate investments in learning tends to be more effective than the capability mechanism based on mere experience accumulation. They also highlight that a higher degree of integration is usually associated with enhanced M&A performance among firms with more develop experiential learning.

You can find the article here.

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