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How does union–management collaboration in postmerger integration unfold?

Our affiliate members have conducted new research, which was published in Long Range Planning. Helene Loe Colman, a founding member of eM&Ai, collaborated with Inger G. Stensaker and Birgitte Grøgaard to write a paper about union-management collaboration during postmerger integration. The research highlights two different integration trajectories that can lead to either integration facilitation or mistrust and conflict.

The authors use a case study of a horizontal merger in Norway to shed light on the unpredictable nature of union-management collaboration. They emphasize the importance of unions as employees' representatives at a collective level. Collaborative processes are beneficial for participation, but they require careful steering and a certain level of containment. Without proper management, extensive inclusion risks alienating those with specific and formal responsibilities. Contextual and historical factors can also render collaboration increasingly fragile.

You can find the complete research text by clicking on the link.

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