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eM&Ai members publish new article on M&A strategy in EMJ

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

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Duncan N. Angwin, eM&Ai founding member, and Ioannis C. Thanos, eM&Ai affiliate member, recently published an article together with their co-authors Uma Urs, Naaguesh Appadu, Stavros Vourloumis and Minas Kastanakis.

The article “Does merger & acquisition (M&A) strategy matter? A contingency perspective”, released in the European Management Journal, takes a contingency approach to investigate whether there are market performance variations for different types of M&A.

Upon the conjunction of three contextual dimensions (external environmental, acquiring firm level strategy, CEO motivation), the authors identified eight different types of M&A which are characterized by significant market and risk-adjusted performance differences. As a results, they argue that a contingency approach to M&A performance has merit.

Find the article here.

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