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Satu Teerikangas' new article about middle managers' strategic roles in cross-border acquisitions

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Satu Teerikangas European M&A Institute eM&Ai #europeanMAinstitute #eMAi
Satu Teerikangas - eM&Ai Affiliate Member

Satu Teerikangas, eM&Ai Affiliate Member and Professor of Management and Organization at Turku School of Economics in Finland, together with her co-author Gustavo Birollo (Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at Université Laval in Québec, Canada), published a new article in the European Management Journal.

The article “Acquired middle managers’ strategy roles and value creation in cross-border acquisitions” explores whether acquired middle managers are able to enact their strategy roles in the post-acquisition era, and if so, how this contributes to acquired-unit value creation.

Find the article here.

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