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Day 2 - Live from the 1st eM&Ai conference

The day started with a welcome morning coffee, followed by parallel sessions about ongoing research projects and challenges in the field of M&A.

Chair: Audrey Rouzies

  • Consuelo Dolz, María Iborra, Esmeralda Linares, University of Valencia (Spain), Exploring the black box of M&A withdrawn: building resilience after being abandoned

  • Anna-Lupina Wegener, ZHAW (Switzerland), Mapping the future of Sino-Western M&As: A review and research agenda

  • Lars Schweizer, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany), The added value of an M&A function - Toward an integration M&A function’s value chain.

  • David Santana Corchuelo (TSM), Experiments on Advisors

Chair: Muriel Durand

  • Randi Lunnan, BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), Do Firms’ Acquisitions Affect Their Subsequent Alliance Formation?

  • Christina Öberg, Karlstad University (Sweden), Acquiring new business models.

  • Yueling Zhou, Nova SBE (Portugal), Alignment of M&A and alliances.

  • Nicola Mirc, TSM (France), Florian Bauer, LUMS (UK), Xavier Castaner, HEC Lausanne (Switzerland), Nour Ghaddar, TSM (France), Audrey Rouzies, TSM (France), Annual M&A Survey on M&A objectives and implementation strategies.

Ongoing research projects and challenges in M&A

Afterwards, the scholars had the opportunity to better get to know each other and to exchange in the M&A research speed-dating.

M&A Research Speed Dating

We then ended the two very insightful days of conference with a farewell lunch.

European M&A Institute eM&Ai #europeanMAinstitute #eMAi
Farewell Lunch

The eM&Ai team of Toulouse is very grateful for this first conference! Thank you all for coming to la ville rose and for exchanging and networking with us on research projects and challenges in the field of M&A.

It was a great start to promote M&A research and to foster joint research initiatives and the scientific dialogue between M&A researchers around Europe. At the same time, it engaged the dialogue with the business world and society.

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