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David Kroon published article on emotions in M&A

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David Kroon

eM&Ai affiliate member David P. Kroon, together with Yoeri Klok and Svetlana N. Khapova (all School of Business and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), recently published the article “The role of emotions during mergers and acquisitions: A review of the past and a glimpse into the future” in the International Journal of Management Reviews.

In their research, the three authors investigate the role of emotions during different phases of the M&A process by systematically reviewing research on emotions during M&As published over the past 30 years. Hereby, they address factors such as emotional triggers, the nature of emotions and their dynamics as well as effects and management of emotions.

The article encourages several paths for future research to advance research on emotions during the M&A process:

Firstly, subsequent studies should explore emotions following a process-oriented perspective on M&As and include the different M&A phases. Secondly, they should address the emergence of emotional heterogeneity and homogeneity among organizational members during these phases. Thirdly, research is needed on the widespread effects of positive emotions while also considering various levels of emotion. And lastly, future studies should explore how emotions can be successfully managed.

Find the article here.

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