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Olimpia Meglio publishes article on strategies and tactics for a new research agenda in M&A research

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

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Olimpia Meglio

In her new article “Reshaping M&A research: Strategies and tactics for a new research agenda”, recently published in the European Management Journal, Olimpia Meglio, eM&Ai affiliate member, investigates how primary cognitive mechanism have influenced the way scholars have queried acquisitions.

The purpose of this paper is to remedy the favor of the emergence of hidden, taken-for-granted assumptions. These mechanisms eventually result in reproducing the same lines of reasoning, applying the same stock of methodological and theoretical approaches, and therefore, often lead to a marginal contribution to the understanding of the field.

Olimpia Meglio proposes a framework that encompasses four strategies and a set of tactics to assist scholars in challenging hidden assumptions, playing with ideas, considering context in acquisitions, and rethinking theoretical frameworks.

Find the article here.

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