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Day 1 - Live from the 1st eM&Ai conference

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We are ready to welcome you at Toulouse School of Management for the 1st eM&Ai conference.

#europeanMAinstitute #eMAi #eMAIconference
Welcome Desk 1st eM&Ai Conference

At 12pm, all the participants gathered to enjoy a welcome aperitif and lunch together.

#europeanMAinstitute #eMAi #eMAIconference
Welcome Aperitif and Lunch

Well strengthened, the two founders of the European M&A Institute and organisers of the 1st eM&Ai conference, Nicola Mirc and Audrey Rouzies, from Toulouse School of Management, opened the conference.

#europeanMAinstitute #eMAi #eMAIconference
Conference Opening by Audrey Rouzies and Nicola Mirc

In the opening panel, focused on „Sustainability, Digitalisation and Innovation in M&A”, moderated by Duncan Angwin, Professor and Dean of Nottingham University Business School (UK), we listened to the very insightful contributions of:

  • Florian Bauer, Professor, Lancaster University Management School (UK)

  • Alexander Griesmeier, Grant Thornton (Germany)

  • Roberto Micelli, Partner, Deloitte (Switzerland)

  • Satu Teerikangas, Professor, University of Turku (Finland)

#europeanMAinstitute #eMAi #eMAIconference
Opening Panel on "Sustainability, Digitalisation and Innovation in M&A”

After a short coffee networking break, academics and practitioners attended one of three parallel vulgarization sessions:

Chair: Thi Nguyen

  • Sniazhana Diduc, University of Vaasa (Finland), Integration team members' approaches to uncertainty management in M&A

  • Mark Thomas, Grenoble Ecole de Management (France), Choosing the Right Speed(s) of Post-Merger Integration.

  • Helene Loe Colman, BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), A relational view on Integration in Serial Acquirer.

Chair: Audrey Rouzies

  • Thomas Bastin, BPI France Le Lab (France), French SMEs and external growth.

  • Johanna Deperi, SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d’Azur, France, Key takeaways on digital firms' acquisition behavior.

  • Christina Öberg, Karlstad University (Sweden), Acquisitions of innovative firms in an ecosystem context.

Chair: Nicola Mirc

  • Xavier Auvergnat and Raphaël Petit, Partner Oaklins France (France), Environmental, Social and Governance: How ESG is impacting M&A

  • Nicola Mirc, TSM (France); Kathrin Sele, Aalto University (Finland), Audrey Rouzies, TSM (France), Duncan Angwin, Nottingham University Business School (UK), From Fit to fitting: a routine dynamics perspective on M&A synergy realization.

  • Florian Bauer, Lancaster University Management School (UK), Why acquisitions rarely remain strategic: an attention-based perspective on M&A.

Parallel Vulgarization Sessions

In the late afternoon, two parallel workshop sessions opened the opportunity for the conference participants to discuss major challenges in M&A practice and research. The sessions were moderated by Helene Loe Colman & Audrey Rouzies as well as Nicola Mirc & Philippe Very.

Discussion of major challenges in M&A practice and research

We ended the first conference day with a social gathering with dinner at a nice, cozy restaurant in Toulouse.

Conference Dinner

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