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How are lessons learned later applied in acquisitions?

Current research indicates that M&A performance can be enhanced by routinisation and codified experience. In the past, acquisition research has directly linked these knowledge accumulation methods to acquisition performance. However, how lessons learned are captured and used in subsequent events still needs to be determined. Routinisation and codification may lead to standardised acquisition integration approaches, which promise more significant efficiency.

Yves-Martin Felker (California State University), Florian Bauer (University of Bristol Business School), Martin Friesl (University of Bamberg, NHH Norwegian School of Economics) and David R. King (Florida State University) in their research published in the British Journal of Management demonstrate that experience can be captured and applied through these standardised approaches.

Their results highlight that the strategic intent of M&A affects the relationships between routinisation, codified experience, and standardised acquisition integration approaches. The authors discovered that a strong strategic M&A intent strengthens the relationship between codification and standardisation but weakens the relationship between routinisation and standardisation. They tested the hypotheses using a combination of primary survey and secondary data, and the study offers valuable insights for managers and researchers. By combining three pertinent M&A literature streams - acquisition experience, acquisition integration, and acquisition intent - researchers emphasise the importance of organisational learning and strategic direction on acquisition performance.

To access the complete version of the paper, please click on the link.

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