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European M&A Institute launches partnership with Oaklins

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Partnership Announcement Oaklins & eM&Ai

The European M&A Insitute and Oaklins are launching a new partnership to enhance international collaboration in research and sharing practices related to mergers and acquisitions. This collaboration is expected to benefit both academia and practice in what stands for a better understanding of the M&A market, pre-deal acquisition and divestiture processes and associated integration challenges. The first annual eM&Ai conference, organized in collaboration with Oaklins and held in Toulouse on the 5th and 6th of December 2022, is the initial step of bringing together academics and practitioners around these topics.

Oaklins is the world’s largest and most experienced independent M&A advisor in the mid-market, with over 1.900 transactions in the past five years. Oaklins France’s 40 local M&A, LBO and fundraising professionals in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse, have access to 850 professionals globally and actively cooperate in dedicated industry teams in 45 countries worldwide. Today, Oaklins France, being strongly independent and with more than 460 closed transactions in 18 years, is one of the benchmark investment banks in the mid-cap segment. Oaklins supports the European M&A Institute‘s mission to share best practices for successful M&A transactions and to deliver better results for each client.

eM&Ai - the European M&A Institute is a scientific collaboration network aiming to promote research on mergers and acquisitions and bridge academia and practice. eM&Ai regroups internationally renowned scholars from leading European institutions who have conducted extensive research on a broad range of M&A relevant topics, spanning from pre-deal design to post-deal implementation, and also covering other related corporate development activities. eM&Ai intends to unite forces with Oaklins in research consulting, acquisitions and divestitures case studies analysis, and further network development in interactions with executives, consultants, academics and M&A associations.

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