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eM&Ai founding member Helene Loe Colman publishes new article about integration in serial acquirers

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Helene Loe Colman European M&A Institute eM&Ai #europeanMAinstitute #eMAi
Helene Loe Colman - founding member of eM&Ai

eM&Ai founding member Helene Loe Colman, together with her co-author Randi Lunnan, recently published an article with the title “Pulling Together While Falling Apart: A Relational View on Integration in Serial Acquirers” in the Journal of Management.

Through an in depth, qualitative, longitudinal study, the two authors explore the role of relationships in serial acquirers. Thereby, they show how engaging in sequential and overlapping postacquisition integration processes may impair the integration capabilities of serial acquirer companies.

Find the article here

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